Island of San Simón’s creation and research seminars

Thursday 21 June 2012, by Horacio González Diéguez.


González Diéguez, Horacio. Island of San Simón’s creation and research seminars [online]. Santiago de Compostela, España, VHPlab, June de 2012 [versión de July de 2019] [Consultado el ]. Disponible en Internet:

As part of Island of San Simón’s creation and research seminars program, June 21st - 23rd, we were invited to organize two workshops on art and technology for the M.A. students at the [School of Fine Arts in Pontevedra>]. Under DIY accessible/transparent technologies for researchers and artists topic, we decided to organize workshops introducing sound electronics by Paula Pin and thermochromic ink by Paola Guimerans.

In addition to both workshops, during the academic session on June 23rd, we organized a small roundtable moderated by Xoan Xil where the two artists explained their work and Horacio Gonzalez presented the European Acoustic Heritage Project, a european project in which Escoitar is participating.

Xornadas de creación e investigación Illa de San Simón at flickr

The first workshop, Noisy circuits, introduction to sound electronics, addressed the construction of contact microphones using a piezoelectric transducer, self powered binaural microphones using electret capsules and a Nand 4093 audio synthesizer. You can find some references and tutorials about the technology used in this workshop below.

Other synthesizer

The second workshop, SoftCircuits; thermochromic ink, was oriented towards developing small artistic prototypes using thermochromic ink activated by an electronic circuit. Nevertheless, the first day was spent building simple circuits that would switch on and off LEDs, and experimenting with materials commonly used in Wearable Technology (conductive yarns and fabrics, copper tape, semi-resistive ink, etc.). This was intended so the students could fully understand the principles involving their projects before working with thermochromic ink. You can also find references about this workshop below.

+ INFO about the seminars: DUVI, Diario Atlántico.