Prize Hunter

Thursday 1 December 2005, by Horacio González Diéguez.


González Diéguez, Horacio. Prize Hunter [online]. Santiago de Compostela, España, VHPlab, December de 2005 [versión de August de 2019] [Consultado el ]. Disponible en Internet:

Prize Hunter is a video game that was selected at a young artist’s contest called "Certamen de Novos Artistas, Auditorio de Galicia" in 2005. It takes vantage of the aesthetics of new media to make a sharp critique to the awards system oriented to promote young artists in Galicia. Interest and expectation currently provoked by projects related with new media and interactivity, makes it easier that juries accept proposals such as video games, mobile applications, or interactive installations, even if they have not seen or understand them. Prize Hunter is an example of how a violent, hard and shameless critique can go unnoticed under the appearance of an inoffensive sweet. It is a funny game to get rid of jury members once for all.