La mirada del espectador occidental. Recepción de la filmografía de Takeshi Kitano en Occidente

Domingo 22 de marzo de 2009, por Viviana

Publicado en Secuencias, número 21, segundo semestre de 2006.

The western spectator’s gaze: reception of Takeshi Kitano’s filmography in the West

This article analyzes the reception of the films by Japanese director Takeshi Kitano in western film festivals as well as their presence in the commercial circuit through the study of the distribution of his films in the West and their repercussion in the European and American box offices. However, the analysis of Kitano’s international career constitutes only the starting point of our reflection since, in fact, the study of this particular case gives rise to new questions and hints that lead us to explore the possible universal features of this director. Film distribution policies and critics recognition are not enough to explain the complex phenomenon of the reception of this director’s filmography in full. Thus, from the analysis of the critics behavior we are lead to the study of audience reaction, to eventually reflect on the possible mechanisms that prompt the mass audience reaction beyond industrial and commercial strategies. This article gives an insight into the film experience of foreign spectators in an attempt to understand the social and economic mechanisms that mark the way in which cinema has been operating internationally from the 90’s onwards.

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