Ulobit para peto

Monday 22 October 2012, by Horacio González Diéguez.


González Diéguez, Horacio. Ulobit para peto [online]. Santiago de Compostela, España, VHPlab, October de 2012 [versión de July de 2019] [Consultado el ]. Disponible en Internet: https://www.vhplab.net/spip.php?article202

As part of the exhibition O disco é NORMAL, from October 24th to November 23th, Ulobit para peto(Pocket Ulobit) is been shown at Normal Espazo de intervención cultural. Ulobit para peto is a sound installation created in May 2012 for the exhibition curated by PLÉTORA, a galician contemporary art digital magazine, at an independent rururban contemporary art space called Furancho de Arte Contemporánea.

Using a pianola (player piano) and a 7-inch screen, that projects images transformed by the sound produced when operating the pianola’s crank, the sound installation establishes a bridge between the beginnings of cinema, mechanized music and current vanguard. Ulobit para peto is an art piece inspired by antique music boxes that synthesizes Ulobit’s live music workflow in a small box, a simple, almost minimal, installation that evokes the memory of our childhood objects through technology.