Sunday 16 March 2014, by Horacio González Diéguez

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PlayerMap is a mashup based on SoundCloud created to publish and share field recordings using maps. It provides a friendly framework for collectives and interdisciplinary groups, because many people are familiar with SoundCloud, a very popular online platform to publish and share music. PlayerMap is released under GNU General Public License, everybody can use it to create a sound map.

Demo sound map created with PlayeMap and SoundCloud

The mashup was designed for users, it is extremely easy to use because it is not necessary to handle code, or have a powerful server to host your project. PlayerMap was published as a result of several workshops given by Escoitar in Athens during 2014, within the context of a project by Goethe Institut called "Einander zuhören – Stadt - (Ge) Schichten". The aim of the project was to create a map sound of the city in collaboration with the group of Greek artists and anthropologists called Fo̱nés Greek and several sculpture students of Athens School of Arts.

The purpose of the development was to provide a friendly framework to publish and share all recordings made by the participants of the project, being students with no experience with sound or field recording most of them. For this reason, we decided to use SoundCloud API, to design a system that would automatically create a sound map with all tracks published in a group by the adding two tags with geographic information of each recording.

PNG - 3 Mb
Paisaxe sonora do Miño | Auga Doce

That same year, Escoitar was invited to carry out the technical development of an interactive listening point with field recordings distributed along the course of River Minho, for an exhibition at Cidade da Cultura de Galicia called "Auga Doce". Therefore, we decided to adapt the mashup for touch devices and we created the listening point using PlayerMap. After the presentation of both projects, we published PlayerMap under GNU GPL, so that people could use it for free.

PNG - 87.7 kb

We intend to continue developing the mashup by adding the possibility of publishing the recordings in Archive instead of SoundCloud. We are looking forward to receiving workshops proposals or invitations to collaborative projects to further improve PlayerMap!

For now, we leave you some instructions on how to use it and a tutorial created by Xoan-Xil.

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